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"I truly enjoy the challenges because it pushes me to get it done and not call it quits when life gets busy."

I feel like I have been on the health and wellness yo-yo for at least the past 6 years now. I will start out so strong and then when life gets busy, it’s the first thing I cut out. I truly enjoy the challenges because it pushes me to get it done and not call it quits when life gets busy. The accountability is exactly what I need and the endless support is unmatched 💕 I truly love our little “fit community”. I definitely owe every bit of my progress to these challenges and of course the awesome plans as well. Makayla, you have got it down to a science sister and thank you sooo sooo much for all your hard work you pour into all this❤️

"I love these plans and what they have helped me accomplish!"

I love MaKayla’s plans because they help me get the results I want while still being maintainable! I don’t have hours to spend in the gym every day. The workouts MaKayla has put together allow me to take care of myself AND be a present mother and wife. This style of workout allows me to not feel like I’m starting from square one if I take a few days off. The challenges are that extra push of motivation to make each day count. 

"BEST workout I have ever gotten in my life."

“I am one of those people who loves the gym. It is my escape from work, mom life, and from life in general. It is the one part of my day that is JUST for me. I have been going to the gym since I had my first child but I never really pushed myself. I didn’t do ANY cardio, and never left the gym sweaty the majority of the time. I would go in, lift some weights, and leave. I always wondered what workouts MaKayla actually did because her postpartum body was literally my goal. When I saw she was selling fitness plans, I jumped on it super fast. Let me tell you, BEST workout I have ever gotten in my life. I leave the gym everyday super sweaty and feeling accomplished. I never knew how much my body was capable of. I am noticing changes in my body every single day and it makes me so happy that I finally found something that works”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this from home? 

 I offer both an at home and a gym-based version of the plan (both are included in your file!) For the home version, you will just need a set of dumbbells (all other equipment is optional). There is a page included within the plan that lists all the equipment I have and where to purchase. 


What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

No worries! I know starting out can feel uncomfortable to a lot of people, which is why I designed my plan to feel like you are truly working out right alongside me! There is a weekly schedule included in your plan with workouts linked right on the chart—just follow the schedule, click, and your workout video will pop right up! Written workouts are also provided for extra support that you can pull up digitally or print out! I’m always available to answer questions or offer guidance if you should need it.


How long is the plan?

The plan includes multiple workouts/follow along videos split up by muscle group (cardio intervals, bicep/tricep, shoulder/back, full upper body, lower body, glutes, core, and full body). There is a 12 week suggested schedule to use as a guide, but the plan is yours to keep and do forever! 


How do I access the plan? 

After purchasing, click the link that is automatically sent to your email. From there, you will see a video titled "how to save your plan," showing you step by step how to do so! please save the plan to your phone’s Files, or Google Drive within 24 hours (if your link expires, I can resend!). The plan is yours to keep forever and can be accessed digitally from your phone, tablet, or computer and/or printed out!


Can I do this plan as a beginner?

Absolutely—all fitness levels are welcome! The plan is easy to modify and I strongly encourage everyone to go at their own pace/work their way up! All workouts are written and explained in an easy to read format, and include a follow along video with timers for every single workout. No more guessing or wandering around the gym not having a clue what to do, just press play, turn up the volume, and workout right along with me! 


What will this plan help me accomplish?

This plan is great for anyone looking to burn fat, build lean muscle/tone, and shape + sculpt curves. Whether you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, or build your curves from scratch, I have been able to accomplish both by following my plans and can help you get there too! Feel free to message me with any questions you may have pertaining to your individual goals. 


What if I’m a picky eater? 

You’re in good company because I cook for the pickiest eaters alive every night. My meal guide includes realistic/family-friendly recipes and meal suggestions that are easy to modify to fit your preferences/needs, and sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Meal guide includes 150+ quick & healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, and sweets recipes that taste GREAT and don’t call for a dozen hard to find ingredients, or hours in the kitchen. The best part is, you can take comfort in knowing you are making healthier choices without having to extreme diet, restrict, or eliminate ANYTHING! 


How many calories do I need?

Everyone’s bodies require different amounts of calories and will vary based on individual goals, activity level, age/weight, etc. I do include a link to an estimated calorie calculator in the meal guide that can HELP you determine an amount that works for your body and your personal goals, but keep in mind this amount can vary. 


how do i save the plan once purchased?

Please follow the steps below, you
do NOT need a dropbox account to save!


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