12 week *BUNDLE* Plan/meal guide, 
 + Cookbook 


-1 time cost & everything is yours to keep forever!
-FULL FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS (press play + workout right along with me, i take the guess work out!)
-WRITTEN WORKOUTS provided in plan
-holy grail cookbook WITH 110+ RECIPES, macros FOR EACH RECIPE, meal prep cheat sheet, and more!

This purchase includes:

Definitely the biggest bang for your buck with this value bundle! 

scroll down to see in depth description of what's inside!

My most detailed and all inclusive plan yet! 12 fully planned weeks with all new workouts, all new follow along videos, and all new results! Truly everything you need to help you crush your goals and become the strongest version of YOU along the way. stable internet connection required.

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what's included

I know fitness can be scary and overwhelming, that's why i created my in depth follow along plans!

my plan is different than most because not only do i include the scheduled workouts for you, but i provide a full follow along video for each workout! Just press play + workout right along with me. (no more starting/stopping/checking to see what's next, i took the guess work out!) 

-More follow along videos than EVER before, just press play + workout right along with me (on your own time!)

-Timers + rests in each workout video

-Cardio intervals (multiple at home cardio workouts, treadmill, and coached outdoor run interval videos)

-glute warm-ups

-Heavy Glute workouts

-Core workouts

-Optional burnout finishers

-Fat blasting HIIT workouts

-Strength/rep-based workouts

-ALL NEW on screen modifications (for those who may be just starting out!)

-12 week workout schedule with videos linked right on the page! Find your day + click to play workout right along with me

-Access to my private app (this is subscription based but NOT mandatory. you do not have to downloaD app. just an optional add-on)

-Access to my private HIIT + FIT Facebook accountability group

-24/7 availability to answer questions, provide feedback, offer guidance

-Access to future seasonal challenges at NO extra cost!


about the meal guide

*meal guide is included in the back of your plan. It includes general ideas and meal tips
-breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, sweets recipes/ideas (120+ recipes/ideas)
-Grocery guide divided by category
-Cooking Tips/Recommendations
(meal guide is not as in depth as cookbooks)


what's included in cookbook

meal prep doesn't have to suck

-100+ macro-friendly meal prep style recipes you will actually enjoy!

-tons of bowls, tasty meal preps, family style meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, and sweets. All quick + easy!

-macros listed for each recipe 

-mindful eating guide

-how to calculate your calorie deficit

-weekly meal planners


what's emphasized in this plan

-Building lean muscle/”toning”
-Shaping and sculpting curves
-Preparing realistic and healthy meals (perfect for picky eaters + families)
-Learning how to eat without restriction while STILL making physical progress—NO fad diets, starvation, or “off-limits” foods


*After purchasing, please SAVE digital plan to your device (I save mine to my  iphone’s Files. There is a video located in the faqs section showing you how to save. Please note, after purchase when opening for the first time, it may take the plan several minutes to fully load. If you have issues feel free to message me). makayla thomas fitness, llc. may not be held liable for technical difficulities related to other apps or technical platforms. PLAN IS YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER, ALL SALES ARE FINAL/NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL PRODUCTS. Sharing with any other individual is prohibited.*

by purchasing/engaging in this workout plan, you are agreeing to do so at your OWN risk. I, MaKayla Thomas Fitness, LLC, may not be held liable for any injury/death that may occur. Please consult a physician before performing any of these exercises, or engaging in any type of meal plan. all sales are final and no refunds are given on digital products. This document is exclusive to the individual who purchases the plan. Please do not discredit my hard work by copying, sharing, or distributing material to any other individual(s) without permission. Doing so may result in necessary legal action.